A water taxi boat waiting at the Reggae beach dock in St Kitts to transport passengers to Nevis

How to get From St Kitts to Nevis: a Complete Guide

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Visitors often wonder how to get from St Kitts to Nevis or vice versa as there are many things to do on St Kitts and Nevis. If you are staying on one of the islands for a while it is worth taking the trip to visit the sister island to explore what is on offer there too. This post will break down each method of transport, the costs and how long it takes so you can decide which is the best route for you.

A signpost on the island of Nevis saying Welcome to Nevis, Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton

How to get to Nevis from St Kitts Cruise port

For passengers arriving by cruise ship the easiest way to visit Nevis is to exit Port Zante on foot. Turn left down Bay Road and walk for a few minutes over the small footbridge and on the left-hand side is the passenger ferry port. Here you can purchase tickets to Charlestown in Nevis, and there are Five ferries to choose from. This is also the cheapest way to get from St Kitts to Nevis and Vice versa.

If you know what time you need to return to St Kitts from Nevis it is cheaper to buy a return ticket for the same ferry and it costs $50XCD. If you want to be flexible on your return, then you will need to buy separate single tickets for each ferry which cost $28XCD for adults. Children get a reduced rate.

There is also a small departure fee to pay at the port in Nevis which is $2US or $5XCD per person. Be aware if you are trying to leave Nevis at peak times e.g. between 4-6pm then there may be a long wait and you may not get the ferry at the time you want.

The ride takes approximately 45 minutes and the ferries run between 6 am and 6 pm Monday to Thursday. With an additional 9 pm departure on Friday, and further 8 pm and 9 pm ferries on Saturday. Sunday service is limited, with just two departures in the morning and three in the afternoon. You can view the schedule here and it is updated weekly or you can text “Ferry” to “7568” to get the ferry schedule sent direct to your phone.

Ferry port in Charlestown Nevis

Getting to Nevis from St Kitts Airport

If you are arriving to St Kitts by air, there are a couple of ways to get to Nevis. The first but most expensive route, would be to get a connecting flight from St Kitts to Nevis. However, the airport on Nevis is very small and only accommodates small aircrafts and private jets.

Direct flights do not operate very frequently so a private charter may be needed. These take approximately 10 minutes and cost around $600US per person.

If you have booked hotel accommodation on Nevis it is common for guests to be met by the hotel at the airport in St Kitts. You will then be escorted to the water taxi on the southeast peninsula for transfer to Nevis.

The total time from exiting the airport to arriving at your hotel on Nevis should take no longer than an hour. Hotels will usually communicate the cost of the transfer and if it is included in the price of the stay.

Water taxi pier at Oualie Beach in Nevis

Getting from St Kitts to Nevis by car

If you are renting a car on your trip to St Kitts and want to take it over to Nevis to explore there are a couple of options. There is a small car ferry which leaves from Basseterre ferry port. This only holds 5 vehicles so space is limited.

The best option is to take the Sea Bridge Ferry which operates daily from Majors Bay on the southeast peninsula. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes to cross the channel.

The cost for the sea bridge is $150XCD per car plus $50XCD per person and the ferry arrives in Cades Bay on Nevis.

Fun fact: You have to reverse your car onto the ferry in St Kitts. This is so that you can drive straight off on arrival in Nevis. As there is only one entrance and exit onto the ferry! If you are not confident reversing onto the ferry ask the boat handlers for assistance.

The Fastest route to Nevis

The fastest way to get from St Kitts to Nevis is by water taxi. There are a few different private water taxi companies that depart from Reggae Beach pier on Cockleshell Beach. Or from the Park Hyatt resort on the southeast peninsula. They are more expensive than getting the ferry but much more flexible and the short ride is enjoyable.

The Islander water taxi arrives in Nevis at the Oualie Beach pier and there are usually plenty of taxis waiting on arrival. The Blu Waves water taxi usually arrives at the Yachtsman Grill on the privately owned pier there. It is a good idea to arrange a taxi pickup in advance. Sometimes after a bad storm the pier at the Yachtsman Grill is too damaged to use so they will also arrive at Oualie Beach Pier. If you are departing from Oualie Beach Pier, then the $2US or $5XCD per person departure fee is applicable.

A water taxi boat waiting at the Reggae beach dock in St Kitts to transport passengers to Nevis

The schedule is frequent with water taxis arriving and departing 12 times per day during the week with late depatures on weekends up to 10.30pm. If you want to arrange a trip at a specific time you can do this in advance by calling ahead but this may cost more.

The journey across The Narrows is fast, taking between 6-10 minutes. Just enough time to enjoy the complimentary Carib beer, Ting or water that is offered.

The cost of a water taxi is $20US or $50XCD for a single trip or $30US or $80XCD for a return journey. This can be paid on the first trip and you will be given a ticket for your return journey.

A couple enjoying a complimentary beer on a watr taxi from St Kitts to Nevis

Cruising to Nevis

There are no large cruise ships on Nevis as the port is not large enough to accommodate them. However, there are facilities to dock smaller cruise ships and yachts around the island. So if cruising is your preferred method of travel then check out Seabourn Caribbean cruises or the luxury Ritz-Carlton Yachts. Prices for cruises will vary according to season so check with the cruise operator before booking.

You can also visit Nevis as part of a catamaran trip from St Kitts port. This is a whole day trip including snorkelling, unlimited alcoholic beverages and lunch on the beach. On arrival in Nevis, you will have a few hours of free time in which to explore the island. The cost of a catamaran trip is $95USD for adults and $47.50USD for children.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about how to get from St Kitts to Nevis! It really is worth taking the time if you are visiting St Kitts to cross the channel. Nevis has a lot to offer that you won’t find on St Kitts, such as the hot springs and some lovely boutique hotels like The Hermitage Plantation Inn.

Private yachts in the Caribbean Sea on Nevis

Have you made the trip from St Kitts to Nevis? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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