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Every year St Kitts and Nevis welcomes many visitors from all over the world especially from cruise ships. Most visitors don’t scratch the surface when it comes to activities on these tiny islands. But even though the twin islands are small, they have so much to offer and this post aims provide valuable time saving information for holiday makers on the best things to do on St Kitts and Nevis.

St Kitts and Nevis flag flying on a boat with St Kitts island in the background

Visit one of the many fantastic beaches & beach bars

As a Caribbean island it wouldn’t be right to write best things to do post without including visiting the beaches and beach bars of the island. St Kitts and Nevis both have a diverse range of beaches from tourist havens with bars and loungers to secluded coves with top notch snorkelling. With a combination of white and black sand beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean there is a beach for everyone.

Visit one of the beautiful Beaches in St Kitts and Nevis for something to do

Take the Scenic Railway tour

The Scenic Railway is the last railway in the West Indies and follows the story of the old sugar plantations. The railway which was built between 1912 and 1926 was once used to transport sugar cane from the plantations to the sugar factory in Basseterre. Nowadays tourists can enjoy the 3 hour tour fuelled by drinks to see the scenery and experience the charm of the Caribbean ‘how it used to be’ around the island.

A train on a railway bridge over a lush green valley

Take an Island Tour

St Kitts is not all about lounging on beautiful beaches and sipping cocktails, it is a small island with a gigantic fascinating history. Take an island tour to get the best insights into the island. Or if you want to explore Basseterre check out our self-guided walking tour. If you have done the St Kitts island tour and want something new take a trip to Nevis and have an island tour there. On Nevis you can see the beautiful boutique resorts that were once plantations, and visit the wonderfully relaxing hot springs.

Brimstone Hill Fortress

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the star attractions on St Kitts. Designed by the British and built by African slaves to defend against coastal attacks from the French it is teeming with historical significance and is one of the best preserved historic military fortifications in the Americas.

Brimstone Hill Fortress in St Kitts

Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor

Visit the Romney Manor for a relaxing day trip. Wander around the botanical gardens and learn the history of the Batik process. Explore the ruins and seek out the mysteries surrounding the Wingfield Estate and Samuel Jefferson. Then indulge in some retail therapy in the onsite shop and purchase some gorgeous authentic Batik products all made on the premises.

Batik prints drying on a line in a botanical garden at Romney Manor St Kitts

Zip lining through the jungle

For the thrill seekers amongst us this is an absolute must in St Kitts, suspended over 250 feet into the air with the wind racing through your hair what better way to spend an afternoon?

Take a Hike

There are a surprising number of great hikes for all skill levels on St Kitts, the most famous being the volcano hike. There are also easy hike to secluded beaches, secret snorkelling spots and beautiful waterfalls. Check out the guides written by locals here if you want to go it alone. Or if you have the same sense of direction as a one-way street then we recommend taking a guided tour.

Catamaran trip to Nevis

For a truly carefree day book a catamaran trip from St Kitts to Nevis. This full day excursion leaves Port Zante at 9am with the all you can drink bar and party tunes. A stop for a mid-morning snorkel at one of the top snorkelling spots on St Kitts. Before arriving on Nevis for a BBQ lunch on the beach. While away the afternoon on the pristine Nevis beaches before returning to St Kitts at 5pm. It’s worth it.

A Catamaran on a white sand beach

Sail & Snorkel

If you don’t have time for a full day trip to Nevis why not skip the beach part. Instead take a half day sailing and snorkelling trip around the island, still on a luxury catamaran, and still with drinks from the open bar and a light buffet lunch.

Nevis Hot Springs

The hot springs on Nevis are a great afternoon activity, they are nothing spectacular to look at but sooo relaxing. The hot springs are free to enter and only a 5-minute walk from the local ferry port in Charlestown. Tip: take a bottle of water for when you get out. For the full details on how to get there read our full post here.

A thermal spring that has been made into a pool with concrete blocks

Horseback riding on Nevis

Saddle up for a morning or afternoon of fun at the Nevis Equestrian centre where you can enjoy a 90 minute ride along the beach and through the towns of Nevis or for a romantic twist take the sunset ride along the beach and bask in the last golden rays of the day.

The Botanical Gardens of Nevis

Spend the day relaxing amongst the tropical flowers or under the shades of the many tropical trees. Listen to the flow of the calming water features and the chirp of tropical birds in the 5-acre gardens. Then grab a bite to eat at the Oasis restaurant on site which serves amazing authentic Thai food.

Botanical garden

Visit the National Museum of St Kitts

Located in Basseterre the building that houses the National Museum used to be the main port of entry into St Kitts. The museum opened in 2002 and showcases the history and culture of St Kitts and its people.

National Museum of St Kitts, a grey stone building

Picnic in the park

Independence Square in the heart of Basseterre is a beautiful place to have a picnic and do some people watching. It is surrounded by colonial style buildings including the courthouse and the cathedral and it a hub of activity. If you don’t fancy a picnic be sure to get there around lunch time when the food trucks open up and grab some local delights. Formerly called Pall Mall by the British occupants, you will notice the gardens are in the shape of a union jack flag. After St Kitts gained its independence from the UK in 1983 it was renamed Independence Square.

The central fountain in Independence Square St Kitts

Shopping in Port Zante

Port Zante is the main hub for tourism in St Kitts and is where all the cruise ships dock. In port you can find everything from high end boutique clothing shops and jewellery stores to tacky tourist paraphernalia. Grab yourself some souvenirs or shop until you drop.

Port Zante shopping area in St Kitts

Watch the Sunset

There are many great places to catch the sunset on St. Kitts and Nevis. The sun sets on the south side of the islands so grab a cocktail or two and admire the spectacular sunset views over the Caribbean Sea. If you are lucky you may see the famous Caribbean green streak.

A beautiful sunset in St Kitts over the Caribbean Sea

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Get in the water and see what’s going on. The amount of life here will blow you away, on a dive you are likely to encounter turtles, reef sharks and barracuda. Whilst snorkelling you can spot masses of fish, turtles and spotted eagle rays. Check out the top 10 snorkelling spots on St Kitts.

A Woman snorkelling in clear blue waters

Watch a Cricket Match

All throughout the West Indies, people go mad for cricket. As Brits it is one of the first things we got asked “do you follow cricket?”. Now we are not huge sporting fans, but when we got given free tickets to see England V West Indies we got into the spirit of things. We had no idea what the rules were about, but the atmosphere was buzzing, and we cheered along with everyone else! The Warner Stadium in Basseterre has a party stand and is where you get a real feel for the love of cricket here.

Take Part in a Festival

As with most of the Caribbean islands, festivals are a huge part of the culture. St Kitts is no different with many festivals scattered throughout the year. In June, the Music festival is a standout occasion and the biggest live music event on the island with many famous names coming to perform here.

December brings all the fun with the main event of the year. Carnival or sugar mas as it’s sometimes known takes place after Christmas. Starting with the J’ouvert parade on December 26th up until The Last Lap on the 2nd January. The whole island comes out in force to celebrate and the streets of Basseterre are closed for the parades.

On Nevis they have their very own carnival in August called Culturama and there are many other smaller festivals throughout the year including Latin festival, Mango festival on Nevis, Jerk Fest and Spice Fest to name a few.

A large group of people celebrating a Caribbean carnival on St Kitts

Kite Surfing

Another popular activity for the adventurous types is Kite surfing, which is usually done on the Atlantic side of the island. Be sure to book a lesson to try out catching the wind and the waves.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a combination of paddling, balancing and surfing and is great fun for all ages and a surprisingly good core body workout. It’s easy to do on the calm Caribbean Sea.

Glass Bottom Kayak Tour

These 1.5-2-hour tours are great to see the underwater world without getting wet. The glass bottom allows you to see the fish close as though you were snorkelling but from the comfort of a kayak and with an experienced guide to help spot the creatures. For a different experience try the night time glass bottom kayak and see all the nocturnal creatures come out to play in the LEDs around the kayak.

A person kayaking on a body of water


If golf is your thing, be sure to play a few rounds at the Royal St Kitts golf club. The course has 18 holes overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and is reportedly one of the most scenic golf courses in the Caribbean.

Wildlife Spotting

You don’t need a guide to observe some of the fascinating wildlife of St Kitts. You can even grab a chair at some beach bars and observe the green vervet monkeys. Other frequently spotted wildlife includes birds of prey, mongooses, wild pigs, the national bird of St Kitts the brown pelican, Frigate birds, humming birds and if you’re lucky on the south beaches you may spot boobies! We are talking the brown footed kind so get your mind out of the sewers! The wildlife here is by no means shy, so wherever you are on the island you are likely to encounter some unique critters.

A pair of vervet monkeys

Visit the Churches

For such tiny islands there are a vast amount of churches many of which you can visit for free. On St Kitts, there are a few stand out ones though if you want some cool history. Visit the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sandy Point and learn the history of John Newton who wrote the hymn ‘amazing grace’. Further south at the Church of St Thomas you can pay your respects to Captain Samuel Jefferson the Great-Great-Grandfather of Founding Father and 3rd US President Thomas Jefferson. And on Nevis you can find the oldest church in the Caribbean.

A Blue and white baptist church flanked by palm trees in st Kitts

Visit Alexander Hamilton’s Birthplace

Another Founding Father of the United States with roots in St Kitts and Nevis is Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was born out of wedlock in Charlestown, Nevis in 1757. He was orphaned as a child and taken in by a prosperous merchant before being sent to New York to further his education. Be sure to take a trip over there to his visit his birthplace which has been restored and turned into a history museum.

A Colonial building with green painted window shutters and doors

Dance the night away

Friday nights on the strip are party nights! Visit the Strip in Frigate Bay and soak up the atmosphere with the lively Soca music and some cheap drinks on the beach.

Visit the Greathouse’s

St Kitts has a fascinating, but dark history surrounding the old sugar trade and slavery. One of the remnants from this time is the plantation great houses dotted around the island. Some have been restored and repurposed such as Shadwell Greathouse, Fairview Greathouse, Ottley plantation, and Romney manor. On Nevis many of these have been converted to boutique hotels, check out The Hermitage and Montpelier great houses.

An old plantation house in the Caribbean

Yoga on the beach

If yoga is your thing try being even more relaxed with evening yoga on the beach, there are a couple of local classes that are open to any experience level. Or for something slightly more challenging try SUP yoga.

Visit Black Rocks

St Kitts is a volcanic island with Mount Liamuiga at the centre. Its last verified eruption was around 1800 years ago, but you can still see the impressive volcanic formations in the sea at the area aptly named black rocks. This area has recently been renovated by the government and now includes local craft shops and safe viewing point for tourists.

Celebrity Spotting in Christophe Harbour

The exclusive marina at Christophe harbour is where the rich and famous dock their yachts and wine and dine the nights away. Recent celebs we have seen include Rita Ora, Bill Murray and The England Cricket Team. Take a trip to Salt Plage or The Pavilion for the best chance at spotting some famous faces.

Take some insta worthy pics of your trip

There are so many beautiful place in St Kitts and Nevis, you are guaranteed to come home with some amazing pictures. We highly recommend visiting the most instagrammable spots in St Kitts to wow your followers and make your friends jealous! You might even discover some less well known places.

Timothy Hill Viewpoint in St Kitts

Have you visited St Kitts and Nevis? Let us know your favourite thing to do in the comments below!

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