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View across the sea to Fuenguerola in the Costa del Sol

Living in the Costa Del Sol- an Expats Perspective

The Costa del Sol in Spain has the reputation of being full of tourists in summer, particularly the British, and aging retirees the year round.  When we first considered moving to Spain a few years ago, I was very reluctant to even consider the area between Nerja and Estepona, which includes the city of Malaga. …

A woman wearing a black dress over a white shirt holding out a gift in front of her at arms length. The gift has christmas wrapping

50+ Amazing Gifts for Overseas Friends and Family

When friends and family move overseas it can be difficult to find gifts for expats that are not only suitable to send (i.e. can be posted/shipped) but also something that they truly want. After moving abroad in 2019 we realised that we have way too much stuff as it is and while we appreciated the…

A group of people on a catameran boat at sunset with a tropical island in the background

13 Greatest Challenges of Living Abroad

Moving abroad and becoming an expat is a life changing decision that requires some thought. And while life as an expat can be an amazing, fun and exciting adventure and you can learn so much living abroad, there are also some unique challenges of moving to a new country. This post will help you prepare…

A lady with blonde hair laying on a bed making a telephone call. Telephone calls are a great way to stay connected with friends and family

12 Ways to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

When moving abroad it’s easy to get caught up in all of the new and exciting possibilities that come from living abroad and becoming an expat. However, there are also certain challenges that must be faced. It’s not all sunshine and palm trees and one of the main difficulties can be keeping in touch with…

A person wearing a hat planning a trip abroad pointing at a map with a laptop, passport and camera

I Want to Move Abroad- Now What?

If you have decided you want to move abroad- great! But wanting to move abroad and actually doing it are very different things. Before you make the leap you need to ask yourself the reasons why. Everyday we meet tourists who come to St Kitts on vacation either as part of a cruise or on…

A group of people covering in whipped cream at a party

Life as an Expat- Everything You Need To Know

Before we set of on our expat adventure, we had no idea what expat life would be like. Our heads were filled with daydreams of scuba diving days and bright sugary cocktails on beaches. But after living the expat life for a little while reality set in. While we would recommend living overseas to anyone…

A Pink suitcase neatly packed with blue floral shoes and sunglasses on top

Essential Moving Abroad Packing List

When we made the decision to move abroad, we had our moving abroad checklist with our essential ‘to do’s’ and we thought packing to move abroad would be like moving to a new house. In lots of ways moving abroad is pretty similar, but there are a few extra considerations when it comes to your…

Timothy Hill Viewpoint in St Kitts

Island Fever: The 4 Stages and How to Cure Them

Island fever is something everyone who has ever lived on a rock will tell you about. It’s a unique phenomenon not dissimilar to cabin fever and is directly related to the size of the island you live on and the proximity to the shore. The feeling that you are disconnected from ‘the real world’ and…